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Warm Nordic / Fried Egg & Trombone spring campaign

Warm Nordic Fried Eggjpg

Warm Nordic welcomes Spring and Summer with an exclusive campaign on the iconic bestsellers Fried Egg Chair and Trombone series! Now you can provide your customers with the listed campaign prices on Fried Egg and Trombone! We support you in the campaign by offering you an additional 20% discount on top of your dealer's discount.

Fried Egg  |   Before: 3.899,00 EUR  |  Now: 2.925,00 EUR

Trombone Floor Lamp  |  Before: 949,00 EUR  |  Now: 709,00 EUR
Trombone Table Lamp  |  Before: 669,00 EUR  | Now: 499,00 EUR
Trombone Pendant        |  Before: 389,00 EUR  |  Now: 289,00 EUR

The campaign runs from 01 April - 01 July 2023.

Campaign material can be downloaded from this link.

KN Industrie / Foraging concept

KNindustrie 2023jpg
For the spring 2023 season, KN industrie offers a picturesque ensemble of tableware and some cooking ideas that bring us back to nature.

The term “Foraging” indicates a diet that is mainly based on the use of flowers and wild berries in cooking and in the use of conservation methods recuperated from old mountain traditions. As explained by the foundress, “foraging consists of walking through woods to gather wild plants and fruits to eat. It is an activity that has no precise rules, but is based on alimurgy, a science that studies the use of wild growing food in cooking during times of famine and poverty”.

It is therefore surely one of the most natural and instinctive ways to bring the use of wild-growing herbs to cooking. To rediscover the old values of Italian grandmothers cooking, to be truly sustainable without any economic impact on the family or negative effect on the environment. 

Burel Factory / The colour issue

Burel Factoryjpg
Emphasizing the importance of colours, Burel factory reminds us of their power. Colours emphasize happiness and positively burst with an endless array of nuances, while featuring the entire spectrum to fill your hands and homes with joy. Also, a splash of colour to your wardrobe or relax underneath our home pieces create the atmosphere. Colour has an incredible power to change how we feel, think and act. When we connect with colour we’re having an emotional experience, meaning that colour is influencing us in some way all the time.  

Rubelli / Caressing velvets

Rubelli velvetjpg
Among new fabrics offered in their 2023 catalogue, Rubelli presents a collection of velvets and their softness, elegance, refinement, regalness, opulence, richness, pleasure and colour.
There are three velvets with exciting textures and colours:
- Seltz, an iridescent velvet in soft cotton, with a stain-resistant treatment. Available in 19 versions.
- Shadow, a plain velvet made of mercerised cotton that gives it shine and elegance. Available in 36 colours.
- Dandy, a rich and matte striped velvet. Available in 18 colours.

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