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Rubelli / Damasco collection

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Rubelli has launched new collection of its signature damask fabrics. New seven damasks were reinterpreted in the light of a contemporary reworking of tradition, ready for a new life.
Each of the seven new damask fabrics is named 'Damask' with a contrasting feature explaining the identity of the individual pattern: Patina, Pop, Flirt, Mirage, Gypsum, Puzzle, Decoupage.
The new articles are based on documents stored in the Fondazione Rubelli archive and also on 'glorious' damask from previous collections. Damask is Rubelli's style signifier.

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Warm Nordic / The season's novelties - lighting and accessories

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Embrace the cold season and get ready for Winter's arrival with exclusive cushions and classic lighting in new beautiful colours!

A new line of exclusive cushions in exquisite fabrics from Kvadrat and Febrik, internationally renowned for their innovative approach. This range of cushions celebrates the warm, Nordic aesthetic. The textiles and their intrinsic quality, beautiful patterns and colours play the leading role and will arouse admiration and look striking in any room in the home. With a sustainable approach to furniture and accessories, the cushions are made to order, to minimize overproduction and material waste. Therefore, the cushions can be ordered in any desirable fabric. New textures are Razzle Dazzle (a bold, directionless graphic expression) and Mizmaze (characterful graphic expression).

To lighting collections, new beautiful colors are added: Pure cashmere and Tomato cream to selected classic lamps including Ambience, Cone, Silhouette and Lightsome wall lamp. Thereby, the line of classic lighting is extended, making the classic designs more relevant than ever.

The new colours are especially selected for the Warm Nordic universe for their warm appearance, warm appearance, which will ensure a charming and refined expression for the classic 50s lamps by Svend Aage Holm-Sørensenwhich will ensure a charming and refined expression for the classic 50s lamps by Svend Aage Holm-Sørensen.

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Warm Nordic / Furnishing ideas for the cold months

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Preparing for the upcoming winter season, Warm Nordic brand suggests creating a warm atmosphere in the home using their items made of natural materials - wood and sheepskin.

You can decorate your home and get a hygge effect by decorating the home with iconic design classics and soft lighting, which enriches the interior with unique design and personality.

Burel Factory / New Home collection

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New Home collection by Burel Factory is made of natural elements and colors in tune with the mountains of Serra da Estrela, the brand's home. It is a portrait of slow living and slow pace, honoring a vast legacy and a bright future they aspire to.
The collections consists of throws, blankets and cushions, recognizable for their softness and beautiful colors and textures ranges.

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Burel Factory

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Burel Factory is located on the Portuguese mountains, about 350 km away from Lisbon, about 1500 m high from sea level. It has been existing since 12th century. Those mountains are populated by generous flocks of sheep, so textile were produced there thanks to the availability of wool, the raw material.

Then, progressively,, production and factories stopped.

About 10 years ago the current owners Isabel & Joao took over all old textile plants, all old machineries dating back from XIX century, with the purpose to restart, retrieve the values of the land and the artisan skills of the workers of this village, regain track of local industry, enhance craftmanship and hand work, giving new job opportunities to the local community, now the collections Burel Factory is successfully distributed worldwide, is it not a great story to worth telling and sharing? 

Alfonso Leonessa

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