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Tala & David Weeks / Echo collection

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The newest collection Tala brand has launched is Echo collection, designed by David Weeks. Weeks explored the material and form and created table, floor and chandelier. Lamps consist of assymetricaly placed cylinders and Tala's Sphere IV LED bulbs giving warm light. 

On his new collection, David Weeks explains:

'' Asymmetry is achieved by working backward, starting at the end. We decide where we want the bulbs to go and then solve the problem of getting them there. This way awkwardness always has remedy; it gets reconciled along the way. The result is off-kilter but wholly balanced.''

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Giardini Wallcoverings / Cortina

Cortina Giardini wallcoveringsjpg
Inspired by the a common material used so much in the past for creation of shelters, Cortina collection brings exciting texture of yarn. It delicately reflects light and makes the surfaces dynamic, playful and elegant. 

Giardini wallcoverings / Patchwork Silk

Giardini wallcoveringsjpg
The story of the Silk road inspired the design of patchwork Silk collection.  Th incredible interpretation of silk is made possible with a precise human intervention, following a geometric timeless pattern. 
Silk Patchwork collection was made of luxurious fiber cutting geometric forms (by hand) from the brand's Silk wallcovering and laminating them together by hand. In the new pattern different directions are given to the yarns of the fabric. The result is a product of a very alluring sheen and rich structure, constantly playing the light for an outstanding artisanal experience.

Silk Patchworkjpg

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