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Warm Nordic / Wingman Lounge Chair

Wingman Lounge chair Warm Nordicjpg
Another armchair from the Danish Golden Age has been added to Warm Nordic's collection of classic designs. The Wingman Lounge Chair was originally designed in 1955 by the renowned Danish furniture designer, Arne Hovmand-Olsen. Respecting the original design and craftsmanship, the chair is re-introduced in a selection of curated quality textiles that bring the design elegantly into the present.

Decorate the home with the light lounge chair, which will add atmosphere to any room, and let body and furniture meet in the chair's organic shell shape. The Wingman Lounge Chair is available in several selected quality textiles, from the soft and whimsical to the more colorful and silky variants in leather that will acquire a beautiful patina over time.

Tala / Kilter collection

Tala is launching its first architectural lighting collection called Kilter. Wall lamps consist of the fixture in White and Dark Grey enamel finishes, while light source is available in two lengths – 640mm and 500mm and two color temperatures – 2200K and 2700K. Kilter lamps obtained IP44 rate, which means they are also suitable for the outdoor use. 


Vito Nesta / Grand Tour collection / Il Duomo che non c'è

VNesta Duomo invitationjpg
Announcing the new members of his large Grand Tour collection, designer Vito Nesta invites the public to visit the exposition called 'Il Duomo che non c'è'. 

The exhibition will be held  from 16 to 20 September 2022 in Spazio Vito Nesta, via Ferrante Aporti 16 in Milan.
RSVP obligatory via following contacts: Federico 3356115965 and Luisella 3356910766.

Vito Nesta / Corrispondenze collection

vito nestajpg
Designer Vito Nesta has launched his new collection called Corrispondenze, inspired by travel and all the impressions each of us bring from various places in Europe - France, England, Germany, Greece, Austria and Spain: postcards, images, colors, letters, posters. They are all incorporated into prints applied on design products, revealing the richness travelling leave in everyone.
The collection is now exhibited in his Milanese showroom, presenting all types of products Nesta is constantly working on, increasing his famous Grand Tour collection: tableware, cushions, rugs, vases, decorative objects etc.

vito nesta 2jpg

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