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Tala / Voronoi range / an ante litteram “green” vision


We have the filament, we have the high quality glass, we have the ability to dim but what we have done here is we’ve taken in our technology, the fact that the glass doesn’t expand or contracts because it doesn’t create heath.

We’ve taken the concept, for every 200 bulbs we sold we would plant 10 trees.

We’ve actually expanded that further and we are doing more trees to bulbs, we wanted to take the concept of the trees we were planting and use those forms and figures that you find in nature, add those to the product and be able to essentially show people what it was that we were trying to achieve by planting these trees in the forms of the product itself.

Knowing that the products would last a long time, sometimes up to 15 - 20 years, depending on the usage hours, the fact that they save energy, they are are no longer only the addition to the light fixture but they are the fixture themselves, and, you know, we could manage that objective with the Voronoi collection

Seasons greetings!


PHI rooms office will be closed from December 21st to January 10th, 2021 for Christmas and New Year festivities.

We have reached so fast the end of this year, that we shall certainly not forget.
One thing that we have learned is that no one can predict what will happen, next year and those that will follow will be years of challenges, sudden changes, unexpected developments, we need to be prepared to that, another thing we have learned, to be agile, light, fluid, local and more and more sustainable.

We are grateful to all the people who work for and with us. We thank our partners, with whom we always find a common purpose. We express our gratitude to all our new and existing customers, for their trust in our work, our choices, our vision.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2021, that be calm, serene, together with your loved ones!

Счастливых праздников!


Офис PHI rooms будет закрыт с 21 декабря по 10 января 2021 года на рождественские и новогодние праздники.

Мы стремительно подошли к концу этого незабываемого года. В этом году мы осознали главное - никто не может предсказать, что произойдет в следующем году, и что последующие годы будут годами испытаний, внезапных изменений, неожиданных событий и мы должны быть готовы к этому. Также мы поняли, что крайне важно быть динамичным, подвижным, манёвренным, локальным и максимально самодостаточным.

Мы благодарны всем , кто работает для нас и вместе с нами. Благодарим наших партнеров, с которыми всегда находим общую цель. Мы выражаем благодарность всем нашим новым и существующим клиентам за их доверие к нашей работе, нашему выбору и концепции.

Счастливого Нового 2021 года и Рождества Вам и Вашим близким, пусть это время будет спокойным и безмятежным!

ELO light - the new spark in our portfolio!


ELO light is a product that blurs the boundary between the outside and the inside. It looks like a light caught in a bottle. Removable to wherever its users want - to the winter snowy garden, green fields  or warm beaches -  the light reveals its nomadic character. With ring that allows it to be hung or placed just anywhere and with a small power button, it is practical, user-oriented and accessible to a wide public. Made out of recycled materials and fits the best technical specifications in the market (power, autonomy, features).
ELO was designed by Bina Beitel for Designer Box

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