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Warm Nordic @3daysofdesign

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Announcing their participation at 3 days of design event 15 - 17 June 2022, brand Warm Nordic reveals novelties that will be presented during the event.

First, a collection by Arne Hovmand Olsen will be launched.

Second, the team is working on a major expansion of the Galore module series by Rikke Frost. This extension will provide a lot of combination options to the great pleasure and benefit of the buyers' many wishes. The Galore sofa will be presented in new and beautiful colors and textures, which have been carefully selected by the talented designer.

And finally, some brand new colors for a selection of their classic lighting will be offered!

3 days of design event will take part in Copenhagen, 15 – 17 June 2022, at Paustian, Hemmingsens gade 24

Nuura / Interpretation of the chandelier

Nuura chandeliersjpg

The chandeliers are signature of brand Nuura. For decades the chandelier has formed the center of a room, being an essential object in interiors, providing quality light and creating an atmosphere in the room where it's placed. 

From chandeliers, Nuura's collections unfold into families of light with table lamps, sconces, floor lights and single pendants that offer the possibility to create coherence and calmness in the lighting design of a room. All Nuura collections are inspired by Nordic nature and the sensuousness it offers.
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Ivano Redaelli @MilanoDesignWeek

Ivano Redaelli MDWjpg
During Milano Design Week, from June 7 - 12, 2022, Ivano Redaelli will present its new collection,  an exclusive style and moods that accompanied with special trendy colors, with sensational materials, forms and fabrics. 
This exhibition called 'Simplicity in elegance', as luxury experience of elegance, will take place in their showroom in Via Durini 17, in Milan. Opening hours 10 - 19h, from Tuesday 7th to Friday 10th June.

Giardini Wallcoverings / Firenze colelction

Firenze Giardini Wallcoveringsjpg
The abstract design of jacquard was used as inspiration for the new wallpaper collection called Firenze, by Giardini Wallcoverings. It is an homage to velvet, one of the most used materials in Italy during Renaissance, between XIV and XVI century. The fabric texture and the very material changed throughout the course of time, but the interest for it never vanished. The production of velvet exists for centuries in Florence area.
Firenze collection is a jacquard wallcovering, available in bright, neutral and cosy colors. 

Burel Factory / Acoustic panels

Burel acoustic paneljpg
Burel Factory's acoustic panels are beautifully designed as 3D surfaces that provide aesthetic and thermal quality to ambience. Panels are made of 100% wool and decrease the sound reverberation. They are easily mounted, maintained, easy to transport and available in broad range of colors, sizes and shapes. Acoustic panels are suitable for all types of spaces - residential, touristic, office or public buildings.

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