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Warm Nordic - new brand in our portfolio!

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We are glad to present a new brand in our portfolio - Warm Nordic !

Warm Nordic is a Danish furniture design brand which strongly relies on tradition and values of Scandinavian design. Reviving some of the iconic pieces form 50s and 60s, while also creating new designs, Warm Nordic offers exquisite and soft beauty for every interior!

Among designers whose pieces Warm Nordic proudly brings back are: Hans Olsen, Svend Aage Holm-Sørensen, Hans Agne-Jakobsson, Knud Færch, Arne Hovmand-Olsen, Gunnar Cyrén and Jacob Hermann.

Contribution to this story with their fresh ideas give modern designers: Charlotte Høncke, Rikke Frost, Studio Føy, Sara Wright Polmar, Isabel Ahm, Sabine Stougaard, Morten & Jonas, Sebastian Alberdi, Halskov & Dalsgaard and Welling/Ludvik.

Stay tuned for more info on Warm Nordic stories!

Rubelli / Luca Nichetto / Carnevale


After the incredible success of the Rubelli Capsule Collection designed by Peter Marino, which has been awarded several international prizes, Rubelli announces the launch of the new Capsule Collection 2020 "Carnival", designed by the brilliant Venetian designer Luca Nichetto.

The Collection is born as a contemporary and fun reinterpretation of one of the symbols for which the City of Venice is known all over the world: the Carnival.

The new Collection comes to light in the words of the designer, Luca Nichetto, and of Nicolò Favaretto Rubelli who talk about its characteristics and inspiration.

Reflections Copenhagen / Texas Christmas 2020

Reflections Copenhagen is delighted to announce this years limited edition Christmas tea light holder: 'Texas Christmas 2020'.

An elegant and exclusive tea light holder with a beautiful and different design, produced in sparkeling fine hand-cut crystal, made with eye-catching, beautiful polish, which gives the tea light holder a geometric expression. The tea light holder is only be produced in a limited quantity of 200 pieces, and is our fourth edition of the seasonal collectible.
'Texas Christmas 2020' adds an exclusive, 'hyggelig' and warm ambience in the home, while simultaneously working as an attractive element with its beautiful, diamond resemblance. The lightholder fits perfectly on this years Christmas table, but also works perfectly the rest of the year.

Some of the best and most life-affirming moments happen around a table. By eating together our hearts are nourished, dreams come true and memories are made. Reflections Copenhagen 'Texas Christmas 2020', combines seasonal trends and traditions with timesless crafts, while at the same time setting the scene for a wonderful get together and an unforgettable night with its sensual and personal color play.
A special occasion such as Christmas deserves a special and extravagant touch. By adding a little color to your table decorations, the stage is set for a modern and sparkling table that is the focal point of seasonal dinners with those you love the most.


Rubelli / Pila pouf and lounge chair


Among numerous novelties in 2020, Rubelli has recently launched Pila, Pouf and Lounge Chair, designed by Nava + Arosio Studio.

We thought we should give Pila-47 an older sister” - Nava+Arosio

The seat in this new version changes sizes and shapes with the intent of creating a lounge chair in which comfort, design and amazement are distinctive features. The philosophy of the chair remains that of creating a seat in which the fabric is the absolute key feature and at the same time a product with greater flexibility of solutions thanks also to the installation of the new Pila Pouf which, coordinated with the chair, ensures a state of extreme comfort and relaxation. It can be used both with the Pila chairs and as a single element. A textile pouf with discreet lines yet featuring sartorial details that echo the stitching and double piping in the Pila-47 collection.

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