Armani/Casa Fabric Collection by Rubelli / Nature in our Home

Armani casa _ Rubellijpg
Nature has always been an important source of inspiration for Giorgio Armani: flowers, stones and colors are all part of a precise aesthetic code that over the years has become the signature of the Armani style. The times we live in have made us want, as never before, to reconcile with Nature and its elements, and to bring them indoors to decorate those spaces we call home.
The new 2021 Armani / Casa Fabric Collection by Rubelli lingers in this need for pristine and primordial beauty: fabrics with a lush garden print (Recanati) or micro and macro motifs inspired by the most precious materials (Ravenna, Rivoli).
The color palette remains faithful to the Armani tradition with its neutral colors, which are enriched with aqua tones of blue and light blue, silver and bright touches of green and orange. The collection is completed by matt surfaces and metallic reflections that give life to lively chromatic choices.

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