Nuura / Anoli collection


A rain inspired designer Sofie Refer to create the beautiful lighting collection called Anoli:
"The natural shape of a drop is recognisable and expresses calmness. These elements are important when designing pendants for larger chandelier formations," says Sofie Refer.

Created by the skillful artisans, Anoli pendants evoke rain drops, some of the nature's most subtle creations. The pendants are hand painted in metal finish nuance called Nordic Gold, while the inner part, resembling the drop itself, emphasizes the shape of the pendant. Composed in groups of 3, 6 or 13 lights, Anoli lights look like the drops hanging from the leaves.   

The chandeliers can also be customised according to the specific requirements of each project. Suitable both for residential and public buildings, Anoli lights bring a bit of nature into every ambience.