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Lighting is an essential part of a workspace. Good lighting increases productivity, focus and performance. It reduces eye strain and headaches while creating a satisfying workspace, improving well-being and optimizing creativity.

The Miira Table lamp with Opal White mouth-blown glass is a perfect option for an office. The Opal White glass spreads comfortable light while providing soft illumination that is convenient for the eyes.

The Apiales chandelier is suitable for office spaces as the 9 or 18 mouth-blown glass globes spread good quality lighting that has a positive impact on well-being while working. Ceiling lamps add ambient illumination, creating an excellent office setting paired with table lamps.

The Blossi Table lamp with integrated LED is an excellent choice for office spaces. LED lighting is innovative and energy-efficient. It consumes 75% less energy than traditional bulbs, lasts longer and is environmentally friendly. High quality LED lights influences productivity and create a healthy work environment. Blossi Table comes with a dimmer, making it possible to adjust the light to needs and lighting conditions.