Nuura / New Liila formations

The Liila collection by Nuura is based on the modular wall and ceiling-mounted chandelier, Liila 12. The collection intends to create wall and ceiling lighting with glass as the focal point. The mouth-blown glass is mounted on a metal disc that gives the glass a floating appearance and a frame, creating elegant lighting that evokes the brilliance of the sun and the stars of the night sky. 
Two new shapes, Liila Star and Liila 7 are now set to join the elegant and decorative Liila collection. 

The star formation of Liila Star refers to conjures thoughts of the sparkling stars of the night sky. The mouth-blown glass is smaller, giving it a light and simple expression. The new Liila Star wall and ceiling lamp is ideal for decorative lighting in low-ceilinged rooms and on small wall surfaces. If mounted in groups, they create a personal starry firmament.
Liila 7 has an elongated modular formation. It looks great as an extended light sculpture or arranged in a line to create a stunning effect. Liila 7 can be installed vertically or horizontally, making it ideal on the dining room or lounge walls, as a luminous headboard or on the ceiling of a narrow hall where high-quality lighting is needed. Its modular construction makes it ideal to be grouped into attractive arrangements.

Both these new chandeliers come in Nordic Gold with mouth-blown optical or white opal glass. The clear optical glass gives a defined light, creating radiating reflections, while the opal white glass gives a soft, diffused light, like the Nordic midnight sun.