Nuura / Novelties AW21

Nuura Apiales noveltiesjpg
Sofie Refer designed the Apiales chandelier collection taking inspiration from flowers and happy childhood memories. The collection is now being expanded, with a pendant and wall lamps introduced in brand's showroom during 3daysofdesign event.

The Apiales collection is now being expanded, with the addition of the elegant Apiales 1 pendant and two Apiales Wall lamps. Sofie was inspired by the shape of a flower bud, connecting the petals and stem, when designing the new pendant and wall lamps. The metal 'bud' holding the glass is a representation of a flower bud, and both the Apiales 1 pendant and the Apiales Wall lamps have been carefully produced with no visible screws or welds.

Apiales Wall is available with a classic wall bracket or as a hard-wired version, to be connected directly to the electrical wiring in the wall. The wall lamps are designed to represent a single small flower picked from the umbellifer-inspired chandelier and echo the form and simplicity of the chandelier design. Apiales Wall comes in brushed brass or satin black with a mouth-blown, opal-white glass shade.