Reflections Copenhagen / New Crystal collection members

For this fall, Reflections Copenhagen announces new members in their Crystal collection:

Amarillo Vase

We delight in the beauty, vibrant colors and ceaseless action of the butterfly. Andrea Larsson & Julie Hugau have designed the Amarillo Vase to infuse the profound mystery of a butterfly and fine hand cut crystal. The crystal vase offer the perfect vessel or sentiment for loved ones or as an addition to your home. With cylinder, square designs and contemporary cut crystal you'll find the magnificent piece that refracts light into beautiful shimmers and shines.

The Reflections Copenhagen Amarillo Statement Vase is a stunning combination of brilliance, geometric cuts and clarity. You can't improve on nature, but you can come close with the Amarillo Statement Vase. Accentuate the beauty of floral arrangements with this stunning fine crystal vase patterned with Reflections Copenhagen's signature cuts and patterns. The sloping neck is ideal for almost any flower bouquet, while the vase itself boasts the stability and comforting weight you've come to expect from Reflections Copenhagen’s hand-crafted, fine crystal.

Amarillo vase is available in the following colors: Clear/Rouge/Red/Brown/Azure/Purple

Grand New Haven Basin

Andrea Larsson & Julie Hugau transformed the New Haven Basin into a grand raw eclectic version in a masculine and powerful color combination. This is a true eye-catching statement piece from Reflections Copenhagen with attitude and character. Refreshing without frost, different but not abnormal, altruistic and refined, the Grand New Haven Basin not only shows the future but takes you to the past at the same time!

Grand New Haven Basin is available in the following colors: Clear/Light Blue/Grey/Bright Yellow

Oklahoma Tray

Sprawling mansions of Art Decò giants and architecture-rich Oklahoma has been the great inspiration for Julie & Andrea to invent the Oklahoma Tray. Capturing the essence and beauty of the colorful crystal united with historic style and modern design our 3 layers Oklahoma Tray perfectly complement any desserts, fruits or cakes.

Oklahoma Tray is available in the following colors: Clear/Red/Light Blue/Azure/Amber/Black/Smoke Rose