Reflections Copenhagen / The Crystal story

Reflections Copenhagen have been working with crystal for many years now, and have become specialists in the field. The crystal is the most beautiful and valuable of all glasses. It was first made by Italian glassmakers in Venice and was inspired by the clear-rock crystal found in the mountains. The crystal is completely clear and the material is softer than original glass. Therefore, the making of patterns and polishing is more applicable with the crystal, and the result is a much more shining surface.

Reflections Copenhagen's crystals are hand cut and very carefully polished in hand. Therefore, each crystal is unique. The crystal has endless colour options, something which is much appealing to Reflections Copenhagen and goes hand in hand with our extravagant style. Because the material is so very clear, the light will transmit unaffected through the crystal, and the rays will be transformed to the colour of the crystal, creating a vivid spectrum of light and colour.


As a celebration for the holidays, Reflections Copenhagen have been installing at the Matches Fashion Townhouse at 5 Carlos Place in London. The installation is hosted by Bene.Luxic, and is absolutely beautiful. Sadly, due to the current circumstances of COVID-19, we have not been able to visit the breathtaking installation. Luckily, Bene.luxic have made it possible to see everything from afar. Our co-founder, Andrea Larsson, has taken part in an interview regarding the installation, the inspiration for Reflections Copehagen and hers and Julie’s vision in emerging Reflections Copenhagen even further.
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