Rubelli / Venetian heritage collection / Peter Marino

Peter Marino, architecture and design maestro, recently has designed a collection for Rubelli, called Venetian heritage. Marino was inspired by the luminous effects produced by the play of light and water in Venice. The collection offers three silk jacquards with diferent textures, coloured in nuances found on Giovanni Battista Tiepolo’s paintings - white, ice blue, salmon and aqua.


Describing his enchantment with Venice, Marino said:


‘Venice for me is magical and it aligns with one of my main obsessions: light. I want light in all of my work, and the light on the water in the canals makes me absolutely crazy with joy; I could spend the rest of my life sitting looking at it. Venetian light is entirely unique – you see in that in Venetian paintings, there’s a very different sense. This aqua-colored water changes how everything is reflected and how color is seen.’