Tala / Alumina


Alumina is Tala's new portable light feature that offers a stylish solution to illuminating impermanent spaces.

The Alumina Lamp can be used as a Table Lamp or Wall Sconce, with simple installation and a plug & play nature. Built from lightweight aluminium, the Alumina Lamp is powder-coated in five dusky, on-trend colourways, giving users a range of options when incorporating it into their home. Choose colors among charcoal / chalk / blossom / sage / sapphire

Table Lamp - A simple plug & play product, Alumina is perfect for use as a desk lamp or to dress a side table or console.

Wall Sconce - Mirroring the function of the Table Lamp but applying it to a fixed position on the wall, users are able to accent a room with high performance light without the need for hard-wiring or drastic design work.

Dim to Warm - Paired with the Sphere IV LED bulb, Alumina delivers a smooth colour transition of 2000K-2800K while operating with less than 5% flicker. Using the tactile integrated rotary dimmer, you can dim the light to match the mood of your room.