Tala / Voronoi range / an ante litteram “green” vision


We have the filament, we have the high quality glass, we have the ability to dim but what we have done here is we’ve taken in our technology, the fact that the glass doesn’t expand or contracts because it doesn’t create heath.

We’ve taken the concept, for every 200 bulbs we sold we would plant 10 trees.

We’ve actually expanded that further and we are doing more trees to bulbs, we wanted to take the concept of the trees we were planting and use those forms and figures that you find in nature, add those to the product and be able to essentially show people what it was that we were trying to achieve by planting these trees in the forms of the product itself.

Knowing that the products would last a long time, sometimes up to 15 - 20 years, depending on the usage hours, the fact that they save energy, they are are no longer only the addition to the light fixture but they are the fixture themselves, and, you know, we could manage that objective with the Voronoi collection