Speaking of stone means speaking about the history of the Earth and its innumerable transformations, it is a long journey of about 5 billion years, since a gaseous body was transformed first into a material body, inhospitable and then vital.

Extreme temperatures, pressures, geological fusions and incomprehensible alchemies have covered the planet with innumerable colors, apparently random, hiding them among the folds of the earth in places difficult for us to reach, as if to preserve them integrity.


There are archetypes that are part of our DNA, deep glues that unite the mankind, where time and geographical location lose their weight, a sort of common denominator that embraces the whole life. The stone impresses through its architectural and artistic expressions the great ability to connect cultures and distant worlds in a single universal language.

For this philosophy, aware of its uniqueness and its complex variables, our approach to stone is informal, aimed to grasp an expression just outlined as an indication of a path yet to be delineated.


Each project implies new looks and new challenges because the stone is alive, does not respond to dogmas and badly adapts itself to the logic of speculative production. A sort of rebellion to become a consumer product.

Our profession has been handed down from father to son, has been renewed for four generations, combining tradition, modernity and a tireless search for materials and workmanship.

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Thanks to collaborations with Italian and international Architecture Studies sensitive to matter, over the years projects have been realized in which stone expresses different languages, from the use in its purest, single-color, minimal, geometric meaning and solid, to the decorative, multicolored, extrovert, modern or classic.

Often the collaboration required by the company is all-round. It begins with the study of the client's needs, through customized consultations and sampling and ends with the design of the project and its realization and installation on site.

Our daily challenge is to find combinations and emotional correspondences between colors and shapes that are unique in nature; because every stone block is a new page to write where time has impressed its art.