Burel Factory / New brand in our portfolio

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We are counting on new friends within our network, they are the Burel Mountain Originals team!

Burel Factory is located in Portugal, 1500 m high on the sea level, on the mountains, some 300 km far away from Lisbon. Textile plants have been working there since XII Century, textile productions originated by the availability of raw materials, particularly sheep's wool.

Current owners took over all old plants in 2008, old machineries from XIX century, with the idea to convey production work back to Portugal, rebuild the local industry, enhance craftsmanship and hand work, employ and give work to women, retrieve the values of the land and the artisan skills of the workers of these villages on the mountains.

Wool is used on different supply chains, fashion (bags, back pads, scarves, ponchos, etc..), shoes in partnership with local producers, fabric, home decoration (blankets, cushions, stools, rugs, complements, panels, bedheads, bedspread etc.) and projects (panels, acoustic panels etc. ).

The company relies on a huge library of historical patterns, that are used for the fashion industry and the home decoration field.

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