Reflections Copenhagen / Enter Art Fair

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The new edition of Enter Art Fair is taking place in Copenhagen, from 24 - 27 August. 
Reflections Copenhagen's Andrea Larsson will exhibit in collaboration with goldsmith Rebecca Elbek, presenting an art installation called 'Bejeweled Leftover – from leftovers to treasures'.

Leftover crystal parts and broken pieces are given new life through the art of repurposing them with gold-plated residual materials. It has been elevated into timeless treasures and everlasting unwearable jewellery. Each leftover crystal has a unique beauty and character because of its flaws where where its imperfections and fractures become a part of its past and the beginning of a new story.

Rebecca Elbek has composed new bejewelled whimsical objects with a hidden truth of a life lived and an unexpected, but beautiful future ahead. Each object is ornamented with discarded gold broken jewellery pieces and leftover casts.

Speaking of the art made of leftovers, Andrea and Rebecca say:

"The material itself has an obvious beauty and wasting it is simply devastating both to me and the planet."  Andrea Larsson

"Leftovers of material and mistakes from my casts have an unexpected beauty. Being able to use them and incorporate them to another project has been a great pleasure."  Rebecca Elbek

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