Rubelli - Dominique Kieffer collection ''Untitled''

Kieffer 2jpg
For his new collection of textiles, Kieffer chooses not to name it and leave it “untitled”. Kieffer speaks the language of textiles and that should be sensed, not read, or contemplated. 
‘Untitled’ collection looks both at what is needed and what is desired, departing from the timeless beauty and functionality of natural fibres: wool, linen, hemp, jute, cotton and paper. Tactility is central and explored from the subtle to the excessive. The innate seductiveness of un-dyed fabrics and natural pigments are highlighted by pairing these with touches of synthesised lime, lilac and pink colours.
''Untitled'' is a celebration of simplicity and care for the wonderful imperfections of the loom, for the subtlety of tonal compositions of colours and the pleasure of touch. ''Untitled'' is uncomplicated, sensitive and a celebration of natural fibres.