Warm Nordic / New skin for Fried Egg and Gesture Chair

Warm Nordicjpg

Brand Warm Nordic has renewed two of its iconic pieces, both designed by maestro Hans Olsen – Fried Egg and Gesture Chair, now upholstered with warm and hand-stitched sheepskin.

Fried Egg is a chair created in the famous era of Danish Modernism during 1950s. Being asymmetrical, it invites you to sit and swing your legs on its armrest (like a designer did, see the image below). For years, Fried Egg has been one of the most recognizable items in the brand’s offer, and now it lives its new life thanks to its new skin.

Gesture Chair is the product from the same golden design era, and has exactly the same new incarnation like the Fried Egg chair. New upholstery doesn’t diminish the quality of wood work and all the great details this chair has – molded armrests and backrest. It is still a comfortable chair to sit on in the dining area or at the working desk, as well as it is still beautiful in its lines and nature that erupts from its almost organic forms.

Hans Olsenjpg