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Besana Carpet Lab / Milano Contract District

Milano Contract District is a new commercial space dedicated to architects and real estate.
For a mock up office space in newly renovated complex Medelan, Besana Carpet Lab's carpets were chosen to furnish the interior due to its sound insulation performances and of course their beauty. 


Nuura / Miira in brass edition

Nuura's award-winning Miira collection, designed by Sofie Refer, is being expanded to include Miira Table and Miira Wall in brass, which completes the collection in this colour.

Miira is a series of lamps in a simple and timeless design which embraces the Nordic elegance and function. The neatly mouth-blown glass and stylish processed metal give the design balance and depth. The Optic Clear glass with the unique embossed pattern give a playful light and spreads a unique atmosphere to the room the lamp is placed in.

Nuura / New Liila formations

The Liila collection by Nuura is based on the modular wall and ceiling-mounted chandelier, Liila 12. The collection intends to create wall and ceiling lighting with glass as the focal point. The mouth-blown glass is mounted on a metal disc that gives the glass a floating appearance and a frame, creating elegant lighting that evokes the brilliance of the sun and the stars of the night sky. 
Two new shapes, Liila Star and Liila 7 are now set to join the elegant and decorative Liila collection. 

The star formation of Liila Star refers to conjures thoughts of the sparkling stars of the night sky. The mouth-blown glass is smaller, giving it a light and simple expression. The new Liila Star wall and ceiling lamp is ideal for decorative lighting in low-ceilinged rooms and on small wall surfaces. If mounted in groups, they create a personal starry firmament.
Liila 7 has an elongated modular formation. It looks great as an extended light sculpture or arranged in a line to create a stunning effect. Liila 7 can be installed vertically or horizontally, making it ideal on the dining room or lounge walls, as a luminous headboard or on the ceiling of a narrow hall where high-quality lighting is needed. Its modular construction makes it ideal to be grouped into attractive arrangements.

Both these new chandeliers come in Nordic Gold with mouth-blown optical or white opal glass. The clear optical glass gives a defined light, creating radiating reflections, while the opal white glass gives a soft, diffused light, like the Nordic midnight sun.


Giardini Wallcoverings / Eclectic collection

When the present is unclear and you don’t know what tomorrow will bring, let your eyes and your mind travel to distant horizons where everything is still possible and ready to be disclosed. The balanced horizontal lines of Eclectic will guide you to harmony and quietude and they have a strong aesthetic value often used in architecture. Eclectic will bring you both: beauty and serenity.
It’s a panoramic pattern digital printed on a European linen fil posé with a hint of sheen from some polyester.The juxtaposition of the four panels leave no visible seams.It is possible to customize the color or adjust the pattern for large projects. It is fire retardant and suitable for hospitality.

Living Story showroom in Gdansk

Living Storyjpg
Our partners and friends from LIVING STORY showroom in Gdansk have recently renewed their interior with pieces from some of the high-end furniture brands. Their new ambience looks elegant and filled with everlasting modern classics.
The interior redesign was conceived with the following design pieces:
- Rubelli Casa's 2020 collection designed by Matteo Nunziati - VELOUR sofa, armchair and chaise longue, POUF TWILL coffee table, AGO side table, FRAME bookcase
- Besana Carpet Lab ARCHE carpet
- Tala Knuckle Table Lamp Oak

Photo credits : ©Tom Kurek

Living Story 2jpg

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