Reflections Copenhagen

Reflections Copenhagen has been part of the Phi Rooms portfolio for many years, if I remember correctly it was just about when Phi Rooms started the professional path.
At the very beginning Reflections Copenhagen was above all the diamond cutting technique applied to full, transparent crystal, in particular to candle holders and mirrors, all very special and unusual, which broke all rules. A very feminine collection ever since. I remember the first setups at fairs and events, simple, not elaborate, products speaking by themselves. Subsequently Reflections introduced colours, and expanded the offer to include vases and bowls, the color gave strength to the collection, today the objects shine in a unique way in natural or artificial light due to the convexity or concavity of the cut objects diamond, with amazing effects. Then came the porcelain, very fine, very refined designs, then scented candles, then bathroom accessories, more mirrors, sometimes the crystal blends with natural stone or onyx. Every time I unwrap a Reflections Copenhagen package I am amazed, a single package for each object, an elegant chic black box, inside the object is placed on an ad hoc packaging cushion, each object is wrapped in a black bag with a personal thank you and certificate of guarantee, all speaks of a superior class, an ideal gift item.

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