Rubelli Casa

The new Rubelli Casa collection is inspired by the works of designers Pierre Chareaux and Eileen Gray, illustrious exponents of the Art Deco artistic movement, founded in Paris in 1910 by French fashion designer Paul Poiret. Art Deco was a succinct, modern yet at the same time volumetrically streamlined, massive and opulent style, probably in reaction to the austerity imposed by the years of the First World War and the subsequent economic crisis.
Italian rationalism used some elements of this artistic expression mixed with rational structures.
In the 2022 collection for Rubelli Casa the classical stylistic elements, taken from tradition, become rational and contemporary. The shapes and inspirations of the past are translated into a strongly contemporary language, but traces are left deliberately in the details, proportions and finishes of the materials, traces that strongly characterise each product and transport it beyond fashions and styles.
Each product is in constant equilibrium between opulence and sobriety, elegancemand functionality, past and future.