KN Industrie / The Tables concept & Ice finishing

@knindustrie has launched the project called The Tables, which is a path of creative interpretation linked to a new concept of CONVIVIALITY which the brand wishes to express.

The elements of generous dimensions included also assume a DECORATIVE VALUE as if they were CONTEMPORARY SCULPTURES to adorn the kitchen or dining room. Produced in DIFFERENT MATERIALS such as wood, stoneware, stainless steel and glass, they are ideal for contact with food and can also sustain still hot saucepans or baking containers. In this way the functional element of KN makes an elegant entrance from the kitchen to tabletops.

The desire to make something so simple yet so unique has led knIndustrie to a new finishing for pots&pans. knIndustrie brings focus to the material and gives it a new look, an ICE look. 
Photo:  Norma collection design by Piero Lissoni in the new ICE finishing

kn 2jpg