Rubelli / Gardens collection

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As gardens are varied and host medicinal herbs, vegetables, symbolic plants or splendid ornamental flowers, so the GARDENS collection abounds in variety and includes decorative motifs from the most diverse eras, textures inspired by elements of nature, and a sometimes unexpected colour palette.

Royal Botanica lampas in natural fibres and lurex. It comes from the rich Baroque embroidery in polychrome silk threads of a magnificent textile document from the 18th century, preserved in the archive of the Rubelli Foundation. Available in 7 colours.

Grasshopper is inspired by a work by the Chinese artist Zhao Mengjian that has orchids as its subject. The fabric pattern reproduces only the leaves of the plant: the result is a timeless design, with a particular grace and a very calibrated tone-on-tone glossy/matte contrast. Pleasant to the touch. Available in 12 colours.

Ramage jacquard in cotton, viscose and linen. Freely inspired by a textile design from the middle of the 18th century, it presents a rarefied floral motif, with a relief effect, that stands out on a solid background. The pattern is neutral on a coloured background. Available in 9 colours.

Lemongrass  matelass√© in cotton and linen. Dense and lush vegetation evokes that "simplified" nature typical of naive painting. In Lemongrass, the light/dark contrast evokes a scratched surface, in which the relief effect is particularly marked thanks to the use of the linen weave.
Available in 10 colours.

Jasmine is embroidered fabric. Natural for subject and for composition, Jasmine is inspired by a floral design from the early 1900s. The choice of a thick cotton has the purpose of highlighting the embroidery, giving it greater relief. Available in 3 colours.