Rubelli / Love Affair 2022 collection

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For 2022, Rubelli has launched a new fabrics collection called Love affair 2022, inspired with rich textures and nature.

Wild About Weaves brings new structures - opaque, woolly, cottony – are made in technical and/or natural fibres, including the eco-spun yarns made by recovering the so-called false selvedges, i.e. those parts that are automatically cut off and removed during weaving.

Décor Mania fabrics range from the magical and bizarre atmosphere of a Mexican landscape to the graceful floral motif inspired by an eighteenth-century example; from an all-over decoration inspired by pretty chamomile flowers to oriental scenes peopled with stylized elements; from a “bizarre” design so rich it looks like embroidery to a toile de Jouy animated with coloured watercolours.

Extra Wide collection brings extra-width fabrics ideal for curtains and soft drapes. Large, lightweight sheers for transparent curtains that create continuity between the living spaces and the outside world. But also heavier fabrics, semi-sheer or opaque, to protect personal privacy or to appreciate the darkness.

Outdoor Vibe collection offers plain colour textural fabrics, including a plain colour bouclé, are matched with a stripe, a small tartan, a series of designs created from various weaves, a print with an eye-catching floral motif, an extra-wide curtain and, to complete the whole, also two faux leathers.

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