Rubelli / New Silks collection

The new "Gardens" Collection, developed under the creative direction of Formafantasma, includes five new precious silk fabrics inspired by nature, perfect for curtains and draperies: Iris, Dahlia, Lily, Lily Gold and Mary Rose enrich the range of Rubelli's silks included in Silkwalk I.
Organic, unique movements: the textiles become alive, reflecting the light in unexpected ways, almost following the seasons changing.

Iris is a micro-jacquard in silk. Iris hides a very fine filigree pattern that highlights the light of the silk organzine yarn and "moves" the surface. Available in 22 colours.

Dahlia is a plain fabric with silk warp and wool weft, characterized by a hammered surface and a slight embossing, which accentuates its three-dimensionality and creates a play of light and shadow. Available in 18 colours.

Lily is a jacquard in silk. The textile design is born from the observation and reworking of a handmade fabric. Available in 12 colours which are added to the 4 variants of LILY GOLD.

Mary Rose is a jacquard silk with the appearance of a stitched fabric. The small design becomes the distinctive feature of this fabric with only a hinted geometry. Available in 9 colours.

The full catalogue is available on the following link.