Sixty-nine days in the name of Vito Nesta

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DIARY OF A DESIGNER - ‘Sixty-nine days in the name of Vito Nesta’

Exhibition curated by Alessandro Valenti and Luca Parodi

18 June – 26 September 2021

On Thursday 17 June the exhibition Diary of a designer will be opened at the Palazzo Reale in Genoa. ‘Sixty-nine days in the name of Vito Nesta,’ curated by Alessandro Valenti and Luca Parodi, is the first exhibition of the museum dedicated to a contemporary designer, in collaboration with the Department of Architecture and Design of the University of Genoa. The exhibition is part of the Genoa Design Week program scheduled from 17 to 21 June 2021.

The exhibition shows the designer's work in two exhibition modes that retraces the experience during the days of the lockdown and, on the other mode - pay homage to the Genoese residence through contemporary objects and furnishings put in dialogue with the historical pieces of the museum.

The first mode is installation. In the Galleria degli Specchi, a table - which is also a metaphor for the laid table - collects one hundred dishes created in the sixty-nine days of isolation spent at home, using ceramics like the pages of a diary.

The second exhibition mode is mimetic and sees the sign of Vito Nesta infiltrates the rooms of the museum, giving life to a subtle game of references and mimesis. The experience unfolds along the finely decorated rooms with stucco and frescoes, where the observer unwittingly finds himself searching for and discovering the objects created by the designer.



Born in Puglia and Milanese by adoption, Vito Nesta graduated in Interior Design in Florence. Designer, art director, interior decorator and craftsman, Vito Nesta is animated by a great curiosity for the most diverse cultures. The journey is the constant of his education, always in search of images suspended between design and craftsmanship that he understands as a wise culture of making and soul of creativity. He is interested in everything that revolves around design thinking, ranging from graphics to architecture, from photography to painting. He has collaborated with Cadriano, Devon & Devon, Effetto Vetro, Fratelli Majello, Imarika, Karpeta, Les-Ottomans, Riva 1920, Roche Bobois, Sanbonet, Texturae, Limonta, EXTO, Upholstery Drimina, San Patrignano and Secondome Edizioni. In 2018 he founded his personal brand Grand Tour.