Vito Nesta / Duomo Milano special collection

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The Grand Tour is a design collection born in 2018 and has grown ever since. Recently, the collection was enriched with a new segment called 'Duomo Milano'.  
Inspired by an encounter with historical archives of the Milan cathedral, designer Vito Nesta created three new collections:
-  “Il Duomo che Non c’è” -  a selection of the most evocative designs that were proposed in the 19th century for the reconstruction of the cathedral’s facade, enriched with yellow palm leaves,
once the plants that were planted in the flower beds in front of the Duomo
-  “Le Volte Celesti” uses sketches of frescoes dedicated to the naves of the Duomo.
-  “La Storia Infinita” -  study and design details of the balustrades, statues, spiers and even maps from where the marble was extracted for the facade still some unique hand-painted postcards of the cathedral just finished.
The new collection was presented last September at Vito Nesta showroom in Milan, but it continues to amaze design lovers and to - grow.
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