Warm Nordic / Fried Egg & Trombone spring campaign

Warm Nordic Fried Eggjpg

Warm Nordic welcomes Spring and Summer with an exclusive campaign on the iconic bestsellers Fried Egg Chair and Trombone series! Now you can provide your customers with the listed campaign prices on Fried Egg and Trombone! We support you in the campaign by offering you an additional 20% discount on top of your dealer's discount.

Fried Egg  |   Before: 3.899,00 EUR  |  Now: 2.925,00 EUR

Trombone Floor Lamp  |  Before: 949,00 EUR  |  Now: 709,00 EUR
Trombone Table Lamp  |  Before: 669,00 EUR  | Now: 499,00 EUR
Trombone Pendant        |  Before: 389,00 EUR  |  Now: 289,00 EUR

The campaign runs from 01 April - 01 July 2023.

Campaign material can be downloaded from this link.