Warm Nordic / New colors for Fried Egg sofa

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During this year's 3 Days of Design, Warm Nordic unveiled the collaboration that resulted in six new colours added to Warm Nordic's iconic Fried Egg Lounge and Gesture Dining Chair, designed by Danish architect Hans Olsen in 1956. 

Now, the Fried Egg Sofa is launched in the same six beautiful colour combinations as the Fried Egg Lounge, giving endless possibilities of matching together the different pieces of furniture.

Alfredo Häberli, known for his innovative work with colours and materials, has created these bold colours for the furniture to add a whole new dimension to them. Fried Egg allows for multiple layers and nuances in the combination of colours and carefully selected textiles that differ in colour shades and textures. 

The Fried Egg Sofa can now be experienced in a new way thanks to the new colours. Each colour has its own character, and when combined with the textures, an exciting harmony is created. The colours are bringing the classic Hans Olsen design into the present while highlighting the playful character and form.

Alfredo Häberli focused exclusively on the colour scheme - a simple statement with great emotional significance. His monochrome interpretation enhances the Fried Egg with a new depth and the subtle impact of the colour revives the chair's relevance. Available in: Red, Rust, Dark Green, Sour Yellow, Dark Blue, and Light Blue.

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